Praise the Lord -- Always!!

Posted on 1 October 2010

Praise the Lord -- Always!!

by Becky Calvert


Not many weeks ago I arrived at church and went to the piano, as usual, about ten minutes before the Wednesday night meeting.  Glancing at the order of service that had been placed on the piano for me, I realized there was no special musical item scheduled.

Beckoning to my husband, I let him know that no “special” was planned that evening.  He smiled warmly in reply and declared that he would like to hear me sing.

“I’d love to, dear,” were the words I heard issuing from my mouth before my racing mind had a chance to fully weigh the implications.  “Ummm…this shouldn’t be too difficult?” I told myself.  “I have less than five minutes to prepare; I’ll have to accompany myself, I don’t have any music; and right now I can’t think of anything I might know well enough from memory because I’m trying to think of too many other things like playing the introductory music and getting ready to accompany the hymns.”

Then praise the Lord, a song popped into my mind! As I mentally rehearsed it, I decided that it might work.  By the end of the opening prayer I felt sure of it.

Then it was my solo turn.  I played the opening chords on the piano.  I voiced the opening phrase of the song.  And…

“Oh, no!” my mind yells.  “Nothing is coming out of the monitor.  Nobody can hear me.”

My hands are playing.  My mouth is singing.  My mind is racing.  A three part conversation develops:  one part of me continues to sing; one part of me worries about the sound system; and one part of me is debating my next move.

“Should I stop and begin again?” I ask myself.  “No!” I answer.  “But,” the other part of me says helpfully, “if you start all over maybe the system will fix itself.”  I continue this for a split second.

“On the other hand, maybe not.  Just keep singing.”  This is the moment of opportunity.  I keep on singing and praising the Lord and suddenly the microphone snaps on and all is well.  I finish the song and make my way to the pew.

The Lord has used that situation in a wonderful way to remind me that I will have circumstances where I will be challenged to praise Him anyway.  The Psalmist said in Psalm 7:17, “I will sing praise to the Lord.

How many opportunities to praise the Lord will be lost if we wait for our circumstances to be just right?  In the case of my almost non-song, I only had one opportunity to sing that specific song to that specific group of people.  I may never know who was in the service that night with a need that God had planned to meet through the ministry of my song, and they may have left the meeting empty and unsatisfied if I had chosen to remain silent.

Yes, it was an uncomfortable experience, even a little embarrassing.  But I know that then, in that moment, what God wanted me to do was to keep singing.

What about you?  Are you choosing to praise God always?  Or do you find yourself waiting for a special set of favorable circumstances?  Are you letting opportunities slip by to be a help and blessing to others because you just don’t feel ready yet?

God could let the rocks and trees praise Him, but instead He gives us that privilege.  So I’ve decided to praise Him continually and get in some practice for eternity while I’m doing so.  For me, Psalm 30 says it all!


Taken from the Temple Trumpet Vol 15 Issue 1, p. 7, a ministry of Fairfax Baptist Temple, Fairfax Station, VA.  Used by permission.


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