Forgiven Forever by Bible Truth Music

Forgiven Forever

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Includes Choral Book and Listening CD

A medium difficulty musical that presents a strong evangelistic Easter message. Clever drama is set in medieval times. May also be presented without drama.

SATB / by Glenn & Jan Christianson

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Choral Book

Song Listing

  1. Victory Theme
  2. I'm Free!
  3. What Will I Choose Today
  4. Forgiven Forever
  5. Just A Little Bit More
  6. I Love You, Lord
  7. Christ the Lord Is Risen Today
  8. What Will You Choose Today
  9. Forgiven Forever- Reprise
  10. Victory Theme- Reprise

Song Listing

Victory Theme - Demo
Scene 1, I'm Free - Demo
Scene 2, What Will I Choose Today? - Demo
Scene 3 thru I Love You, Lord - Demo
Scene 6, Christ the Lord is Risen Today, Scene 7 ...
Scene 8, What Will You Choose Today? - Demo
Scene 9, Victory Theme (Reprise) - Demo