Hell You Say

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by Carl Johnson

Outside of the Bible this is one of the most complete resources on the subject of Hell available.

I first learned of the absolute fact of Hell on May 17, 1972. Sin alienated man from God, but hallelujah, Jesus spanned the gulf. No one has to go to Hell!

With the renewed interest in the occult, witchcraft, astrology, and Satanism, Hell takes on new significance. Few have dared to write as boldly about Hell. This is a necessary book that tells it like it is. -Evangelist Byron Foxx

Get the answers to these and other questions:
-“Do people go immediately to Hell?”
-“Is the fire in Hell literal or figurative?”
-“Is there a second chance after death?”
-“Can anyone be happy in Heaven if his friends are in Hell?”
-“How does a person keep out of Hell?”




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